Our Partners

International organizations we have partnered with to continue to spread CS knowledge
Working with the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley, our tutors were able to connect to underprivileged students in our area to provide them with high-quality programs and classes in STEM-related subjects such as mathematics and programming.
Through our partnership with Assisting Children in Need, STAC Programming is raising $5,000 in funding and donations for technology resource centers in Kampala, Uganda. Through our programs and events such as hackathons, we've managed to donate thousands towards aiding those with less opportunities and resources.
We have developed innovative curriculum and programs for disadvantaged and disabled children throughout India through our partnership with nonprofit organization Home of Hope. Our team and tutors have successfully been able to impact the lives of underprivileged students by providing them with crucial education in mathematics and programming.


Hackathons that we have been invited to teach workshops at


HTML/CSS Workshop


Socket Programming with Java Workshop
Python Workshop

Covid Hacks

Intro to Firebase Web Workshop


iOS Development Workshop

Uniglobe Hacks

Andriod Development Workshop

Neural Hacks

iOS Development Workshop